Momentous Celebrations

Banquet room.jpg

Life affords precious few opportunities for momentous celebrations. So when those Events, Weddings, and Special Occasions do arise, you want to make certain everything is just right. Let Madigan’s Waterfront host your next Special Occasion and go to the Banquets and Special Events Page to review our offerings.

Madigan’s Waterfront has the facilities, accommodations, and staff with twenty years of experience and knowledge to provide you with everything required for your Event or Special Occasion. Cathy, with her years of experience, can help with your preparations and insure a successful event.

Please feel free to contact or call Cathy at 703-494-6373 to discuss your special occasion and schedule a personal tour of our facilities. Please no email reservations!

Reservations for the dining room are taken for parties of six or more, unless it is a holiday such as New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. when reservations are required. Starting in season we have Monday Deck Parties. On weekends, enjoy acoustical deck acts. Make sure you check out our Photo Gallery Page to observe many of our food and dessert selections and pictures of the restaurant.


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