River Mill Park Now Open in Occoquan


River Mill Park became a reality this past weekend with its grand opening at the site of the old River Station water treatment plant on the Occoquan River. The 1.1-acre park, according to a release by Prince William County, includes green space, upgrades to the footbridge, an event pavilion, restroom facilities and an overlook area.

Prince William County funded the construction of the park and its bathrooms with $1.45 million through its capital improvements program. Prince William Board of County Supervisor’s Chairman Corey Stewart was effusive in his praise.

“There is no greater legacy, no longer legacy that a community can leave to its children and its grandchildren, than the construction of parks, the preservation of land and this beauty that will exist long after all of us are gone,” he said in a statement. “All of this makes Prince William County, the Town of Occoquan and this entire region such a better place to live, and that’s what brings in people.

“It’s what brings in jobs and it makes the quality of life for all of us and our families so much greater.”


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