Reheat your Pasta Leftovers to Help Control Weight


Great news, pasta lovers – reheating your leftover pasta is not only an easy means to a delicious and healthy meal, but it can also help you control weight. As explained in a recent article on, resistant starches (found in leftover pasta) are a type of carb that bypass digestion in the small intestine and instead go straight to the large intestine to be metabolized. In doing so, these resistant starches are then changed to fatty acids, which the body burns as energy. These starches also provide food to colonies of gut bacteria to sustain them for weight control.

Resistant starches also have added benefits for people with type-2 diabetes. They improve measures of inflammation in the body and also improve lipid profiles in women suffering from diabetes.

Resistant starches can be found in leftover pasta. When starchy foods like pasta are cooked and then cooled in a refrigerator, the chemical bonds are redesigned, making them resistant to digestion in the small intestine. Best of all, this design remains even when you reheat your pasta. So go ahead and make more pasta than you need for just one meal – the more leftover pasta you eat, the better chance you have for controlling your weight!


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